Setting the neck angle

Well, this one was about as important as it gets for playability. I did some trigonometry a while back to set up the jig with the angle I thought it should be. You only really know for sure when you assemble and check the height where the bridge will be with a straightedge. It depends on various factors like string tension and head deflection, so it could still be off, but hopefully it's nothing a slightly taller or shorter bridge won't cure.

I started on the spindle sander and got all but 1/4" (bad jig design not accounting for the actual height of the spindle sanding drum). Here I'm switching to the drill press to get the last bit.

I was able to do it in one shot, thankfully. I had rough cut it on the bandsaw once before, so all I had to do was check the angle once, shim the jig, sand, check again, done. Now the neck sits nice and tight against the rim across the entire heel area.

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